Lots of nice parts for sale

factory intake?? air box or manifold? interested in manifold
These items have sold
--210/215 roller cam NEW $380
--PAC1219 NEW springs $100
-- 795-1 retainers comp cam NEW $50
-- 614-1 keepers comp cam NEW $20

Thanks for quick payment Jim
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These items sold
-drive shaft safety loop NEW $30
-GN1 CNC valve covers $180
-Powerlogger NEW never used $220
Thanks Matthew
Still a few items left, will be listing on marketplace whatever doesn’t sell here soon.
(Even though would rather stick my tongue on a live receptacle than deal with those people..)
Still some nice new parts available as well as some used engine parts also not listed and some factory emblems great condition that were taken off car when it was de-badged and painted many years ago