LOUD creaking sound

Sal Lubrano

Active Member
Apr 26, 2002
Today was the first day I have had my gn on a jack in a few years. I have had it in the garage in storage for years. When I went to lower the front end it makes a loud creaking sound all the way down. Did it multiple times. What could cause this? Should I change anything.. Car has 100K on it.

Balljoints or bushings are the most likely cause.Don't overlook the stabilizer support bushings. If that is what is causing your problem,pull the brackets, remove the bushings and apply a little silicone grease to the bar where the bushings contact. Needless to say, if they are worn, change them, they are very cheap.
Balljoints are more problematic. The lower joint bears most of the load, so is the most likely candidate for noise. You can try greasing them.Usually, when they creak, it's time to replace. The upper joints seem to get cheated on the grease rack most often, so don't overlook them.
Finally, control arm bushings can cause this too. It requires control arm removal to replace these, and an air hammer is the tool of choice for the job.If you don't have a good one, farm out the job.