Loud engine whine???


Dec 3, 2001
The hits just keep on comming... I have another thread going about a rough condition, but another problem showed up about a week ago. Here's the scoop. I have a new GM crate motor that has recently been gone through and had cam break in by a local reputable GN repair shop.
This motor was brand new from GM, it had been sitting around for years. We kept all original parts except for gaskets and head bolts. It was dissambled and properly lubed before the inital start.
The motor has developed quite a whine that changes with RPM's. I did the old screwdriver to the ear test. The whine screams through the AC compressor. Easy enough right, wrong... I removed the AC belt. The whine still screams through the compressor. Intake, valve covers, alternator... all quiet.
I tried to tighten the crank bolt as I read in another thread... was already solid as a rock. It's not the alternator, I just changed that due to a burnt out diode. The cars goes through those everyonce in a while, so I have two alternators I rotate and rebuild. Too much heat from my KB headers.
Any ideas?

my crank sensor was barely touching the harmonic balancer.ck that its not loose and touching.
Nope, no luck... I just crawled under the car, and the crank sensor isn't going anywhere. Spacing looks good.
my next stupid question,have you taken off belt and spun everything ?
Just ran it again, trying to fix my other problem. I've gotta wait for everything to cool down! I guess it could be the water pump. It's also a new one, but it was a normal parts store piece. P.S. pump is also new. The sound seems to far away to be P.S., but I'll give the W.P a try.
I guess once everything cools down real well I could run the engine for a few seconds without any belts. Am I incorrect in that statement?

Good thinking!!! Okay, I removed the alternator belt, so the only belt still running was the P.S. Whine is gone. Looks like I may need a new alternator to fix my other problem as well. This alternator squeaks when spun. It's funny that I may have had two alternators that have the same bearing problems. If that's not it, then it must be the water pump.
I'm just glad it's not inside to motor!

Thanks so much for your help!!!!