FS: 84-85 hot air engine; GM replacement engine; Runs well $1500; Engine harness $350

Anthony P

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continuing to sort through parts lot...

pictured is a running stock hot air engine. it's a GM replacement engine as VIN pad is not stamped. Turbocharger serial plate notes GM factory replacement for Garrett. Turbo comp wheel oily from stock breather setup - no damage seen to leading edge of comp wheel. Garrett factory ink stamp can be seen on one blade. See pics.

Block casting # 25514290. see pic.
Engine ran fine when removed. will continue to look for additional parts to this engine as sorting parts continues. big heat shield plate is around somewhere, just have not yet located it and the other components.

Engine is located in Upper Mt Bethel Twp, PA

Asking $1500 OBO for the engine.

Terms: Cash in person. can assist with loading into pickup truck bed using straps and chains from a backhoe. no engine crane / cherry picker on site. there is an overhead hoist.

Also have the engine wiring harness and I believe some hot air positive battery cables available separate listing for $350. will post pics of wiring harness this weekend when it's not wet outside and can lay out harness for better pics. Insulation is not dried out. only see one spot at probably 12V + at alternator where splice was added. otherwise, brief inspection of this harness looks fine.


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