Low BLMs (HA)


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Jun 28, 2014
Couple of questions,

BLMs are consistently 113 to 115 throughout all phases after a couple of cruises. INTs are 128 +/- 3. At idle It's reading well everywhere else MAF 7, TPS 4.31, IAC 28.

What causes a consistent rich condition like this. I have a stock FPR, pulled the vac. line off: the RPMs went up, BLMs and INT went down but corrected, so the FPR is regulating (no gauge though).

O2 sensor bounces from 20 to over 800. I don't know how to interpret that. I did buy a Denso 02 sensor, still in the mail.

This is my first attempt at scrutinizing the data. (1320 adapter and ALDLDroid). I've been reading over many pages on GNTType to learn the ecm. Search here has been hit and miss for HAs. Questions are piling up faster then I can find answers.

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Did this start suddenly?

If my understanding is correct, this is in all BLM cells?
"If" BLMs drop about the same value in all cells, it points to FP/Chip/injector mismatch.
This is the first time I've had a scan tool on it. So I'm unsure how long this has been going on.

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