Low BLM's in Cruise Cells.


Jul 24, 2010
My BLM's are in the 100-teens in the Cruise cells. They won't get within 10 of 128.

Cell 0 is 144. Go figure.

Any suggestions as to what I should look for?


Steve. '87 GN,t-tops. Stock with PowerLogger.
bad fp regualtor, leaky injectors, bad o2 sensor....?One of those
That's really a more common issue than one might think. I've seen it on quite a few healthy turbo regals, mine included. It's really nothing to worry about since your BLM's are still adjusting, and I assume the car's running well.
Could be something as simple as the chip, could be the stock maf calibration (if you're still running one).
"...and I assume the car is running well."

Well,it's not. I'm still chasing that light throttle skip/surge. I'm even hearing an occasional pop from the exhaust when my foot is just barely on the pedal.

The same symptoms occur when held at 1,200 to about 1,800rpm in Park.

It will do the same thing with my foot barely on the throttle,cruising on level roads at 65-70mph.

I've switched parts and checked many things. Checking the crank sensor,fuel pressure,unplugging the cam sensor,fixing vac leaks,etc. The symptoms remain.

I've changed the O2,ECM,ign module,coil pack,checked grounds,changed the PCV,replaced the TPS,cleaned the MAF,changed the plugs,ohmed the wires,etc.

Next is either a witch doctor...or replacement of the stock injectors.

Just above light throttle.... The thing runs great.


Steve. '87 GN. Stock with PowerLogger.
would need to see some power logger logs maybe shed some light on this? Try another maf maybe for suggestion.
bad fp regualtor, leaky injectors, bad o2 sensor....?One of those

I bought a decent,new Autometer FP gauge,braided line,etc and mounted it on the hood. (didn't drill holes on top). Drove around for a few days with it on there. FP was right where it should be,and rose 1:1 with boost.

Injectors: The best test I could think of is to monitor pressure drop after pump is shut off. It held for hours until it began to drop.

O2: I replaced the fast counting Delco with a Denso. The Denso counts slowly,sometimes stopping for 5 seconds or so.

I'd send one of the logs when the car is doing this skip/surge thing,but I'm not exactly sure how to do that. Compress..zip file. ?

In a month or so,the car will be parked. Many projects planned. Injectors are one of 'em! I'd sure like to solve this drivability issue now,tho.

I really appreciate your help.

Steve. '87 GN 81k. Stock with PowerLogger.
You will have to download winzip, all you need is an old version, less complicated than the new ones and work just the same. you will have to "add to zip file" and it will zip the file in the same folder as the original.

Download WinZip 6.2 - Old Version.com

YOu may want to look into a full throttle chip with adjustable BLMS to sovle your prob.