Low Mile WE4 Hardtop Wanted


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Just starting my search for a new toy:D .

Since my plate is pretty much clean, I have a couple of different ways I can go. One is with a WE4. I'm looking for a car with under 20,000 original miles. The fewer the miles the better. Hardtop only. No undercoated cars. The fewer the options, the better for me (actually, I prefer stuff like crank up windows, manual seats, etc.).

Although I live in the Northwest, I'll travel for the right car (and yes, I know I missed a couple of really good ones recently :mad: ).

Let me know what's out there guys. Thanks for the space Turbobuick!


My old T Type went to the Canadian prairies. A member of this board bought it, and the bad boy 572. Its slowly going together and he's doing an absolutely fabulous job.

BTW: Still searching for a nice low mile WE4!:D
Found a car that suits my needs and went another direction ...(unfortunately, not a Buick). None-the-less, thanks for the space Turbobuick!