Lower Door Panels 3 sets


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Door panels 3 different sets A. black carpet with concert sound covers $175, B. concert sound door panels, no covers $150, C. gray panels $125
No cracks, some have scuffs. All appear to have driver remote mirror hole. Arm rests are available to buy.
Obvious not ship friendly. Prices do not include shipping. I will be in Bowling Green next month, discussion about bringing them can be made, full payment needed
PP to friends or add fee. Questions welcomed.
Door panels back view to east.jpg
Door panels front view speakers down to east.jpg
Door panels standing back view.jpg
Door panels standing front view ABC right to left.jpg
If the "A" lower panels are available I will take them. I will be in BG under a very large tent, about 8-10 cars. My plate says ON ALKY , Missouri plate.

Bryan the A set with concert sound covers, are already shipped out