lowest boost on a TE HP wg actuator?


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Mar 8, 2005
it will go down to 18psi with a manual boost controller, right? I'm just trying to make sure I can get it down for pump gas runs.
If it doesn't creep it should hold at 18.

Put some controlled compressed air on the actuator and note when it just starts to move outwards.

If it's around 12-14 psi. it should hold 18 fairly well. :)
Man I will be so glad when you get it running. With the hd on the tta I can turn it down to 16 psi. are you going to cville the 12th? Or memphis the 18th/ You know me I'll be there both days. Hopefully I will finaly get that 10.99 it the truck.
once I get moved in and settled at the new crib...I'll be putting the 44 on and the 50# inj in. I've got the header crack to get welded also.