LS1 turbo intake low rise for hood clearance??


trying to get it like you
doing 5.3 ls1, which intake to use as i want to keep the stock hood, using a 76/75 precision turbo, sniper? or btr equalizer 1?

I had no hood issues with a truck intake.
I made my own engine mounts and used truck exh manifolds flipped.
The TBSS intake appears to have better torque and hp numbers within the truck intake family.
You can also use an LS6 intake for a lower profile.
The LS6 intake will require some FEAD mods, if using a truck water pump and FEAD.
If doing another, I would ue the Holley FEAD and get more space and a better accessory location for piping.
I've got pics of my deal, if you have specific questions.