I an considering a change to a LT1 MAF and Translator, mainly to get away from the "flawed" factory units. What benefits can I expect to receive?? Tuneability? Performance? Etc. Etc. Any info is greatly appreciated.:)

Car is slightly modified, normal bolt on's etc.
The biggest benefit is that it will be one more thing you don't have to worry about once you've installed it.

The LT1 flows more than the stock MAF and with the screen removed it will flow about 150 CFM more.
...and if you get the Trans+ and Extender chip you can knock yourself out doing all kinds of tuning.

I have to say that when I went to the LT1 MAF, Translator +, and Extender chip, and did my own tweaking, my car started running better than it ever has.

Lots off info on this in the archives. A search will yield lots of threads.
Heres how I look at it. If you buy a translotor and new maf you eliminated having to deal with or find good stock mafs. If you pay an extra $125 and get an extender chip then you just bought a speed part. Those extender chips allow you to tune your car over a wide range. No more cranking up the fuel pressure to keep from leaning out at the big end and then being pig fat out of the hole. A translator, extender chip, and scanmaster is user and $$ freindly combo.

The difference between a translator and T-plus is timing adjustments can be made with a T-plus. I'm about 50/50 on wether or not thats worth the extra $70. I found the timing that my car seamed to like and I left it there. BUT i found the timing my car liked by adjusting it with the T-plus. If you've messed around with a few chips and you feel like you really know what timing your car likes then get a translator and an extender chip burnt with the timing in it you liked. If your not real sure on how much timing you want then deffinately get the T-plus.

HTH: Jason

you may want to consider the LS1 MAF, not the LT1 MAF.

They are both 3.5" but the LS1 is typically much cheaper .. it is the ~ $125 one.

LS1 --
AC Delco # 213-353
GM # 25179711
Unfortunately the term "LT1" is ambiguous. There 3.0" and 3.5" versions. It's safest to order by actual part #.

LS1 is the less expensive 3.5".

3.5" LS1 --
used on:
1998 CHEVROLET CAMARO SS V8 LS1 5.7L 350cid GAS FI N Engine VIN = G.
AC Delco # 213-353
GM # 25179711

3.5" LT1 --
used on:
1996 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z28 V8 LT1 5.7L 350cid GAS FI N Engine VIN = P.
AC Delco # 213-252

3.0" LT1 --
used on:
1996 CHEVROLET IMPALA SS V8 LT1 5.7L 350cid GAS FI N Engine VIN = P.
AC Delco # 213-352
It should really be the "B-Body" sensor and the "F-body" sensor.

The "B-body sensor" would be the 3" "LT1" sensor.

The "F-body sensor" would be the 3.5" "LS1" sensor.

Tom h is right, there is no need to get the 3.5" LT1 sensor.

I like the 3" sensor because it fits in the stock airbox with a few mods and can mate up to the stock piping.