LT1 Starter... Which one do I get?


Jan 28, 2007
I am looking to get an LT1 Starter but am confused on which one to get. I guess there are 2 different types of starters for LT1's, a gear reduction type and I guess a non gear reduction. Which one should I get? Thanks for looking
Will an LT1 Buick Roadmaster Starter be the same? I heard from my GM parts guy that there were 2 different styles of starter:confused:

I see youre from Deltona FL, that is where My 90 Firebird started its first 12 years of life at!!
I also believe the LT4 starter will work as well if that helps any.
I have an LT4 starter. It is tiny and sounds awesome too:biggrin: I bought it at Autozone. Sorry, dont remember the part #. I also used the stock bolts.
yup, go for the lt4 starter, it is the one listed for a 1996 corvette, it should be about 180-200 bucks, a good 15 lb weight save over the normal lt1 starter and god only knows how big of a save over the behemoth in the GN
Yep. The Roadmaster LT1 will work. The F-body and B-body use the same starter. LT4 is Corvette and will work too. I use the cheapest one. Guess which one that is? The only one you dont want to use the the starter from the 94-96 Caprice with the L99 4.3 V-8.
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