lug nuts (poss NOS?), NOS tilt lever, spring spacers


Sep 18, 2005
Been cleaning out parts, found a few items I no longer need.

M12x1.5 Lug nuts: There were purchased as GM 414188 NOS 7/16”, but there were metric M12x1.5 lug nuts inside the boxes. Someone either pulled a fast one, or a dealer switched them out in inventory years ago. Either way, these are a set of 20 lug nuts that are in brand new condition. Very nice quality and chrome plating, not the cheap sleeved type. Some of the "dullness" in the pictures is protectant that is on the parts that will wipe off. These may be NOS GM, but I have no way of proving it. They will not come with the lug nut boxes, so nobody else can try to rip someone off with misrepresented parts. Asking $35/shipped. SOLD!


NOS GM tilt column internal lever, part number 7827689. Asking $15 shipped to lower 48... the package has never been opened. SOLD!

SPC 1702 front coil spring spacers. These sit in the lower control arm spring pocket, they are 3/8” thick but will raise the front end by at least double that amount (due to the motion ratio of the suspension). This would allow you to correct a performance spring that lowered the front of the car too much, or fix sagging springs. Brand new, never used. Asking $25 shipped to lower 48. SOLD!

SPC 1627 rear coil spring spacers. These are 1” thick, to raise the back of the car 1-1.25”. Brand new, never used. Asking $30 shipped to lower 48. SOLD!

New 200-4R governor, bought it and never used it in my trans, including a new orange 11 tooth gear. I don't believe the governor weights are the super light ones, but I don't know much about transmission parts in general. Asking $75 shipped to the lower 48 or best offer. New orange gears from CK are that much before shipping, so I figured it was a fair price. I have additional pictures I can send to interested buyers. SOLD!

Borgeson Steering Joint that connects the G-body steering box (or any 670 or 800-series box with 30 spline input shaft) to a 3/4 DD shaft. If you also buy this part with a Borgeson 015252 and Borgeson 450024, you'll have the exact same parts Detroit Speed sells you with a markup for their G-body steering shaft kit. I needed a different lower joint on mine, so I removed this joint after literally 5 miles of driving. I painted it black, and it's still in like new condition. The new price on this is over $65 + shipping. Asking $25 shipped to lower 48. SOLD!

Thanks for looking!
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