MAF Pipe, MAF and Translator ???'s


Nov 10, 2007
I recently purchased a 87 GN and need a new maf pipe because the original is starting to wear through. I have read a ton of info on this sites and others and I still don't know which way to go.

I figure since I need a new MAF pipe I may as well update to newer technology. I am trying to determine which maf pipe size, maf, and translator to go with. Either the basic version or the GEN II for a few dollars more. Then decide on a MAF: lt1, ls1 or z06. I would prefer to just do this once. My end goal is a mid 11 sec car.
hello people; I just ordered a 3.5 LS1 MAFS and 4"CAI and I'm on hold for a 3.5" MAFP. IMO the more air going in the better the way the car will run. I have no goals in mind and an upgrade in MAFS is going to be a plus disregarding size. The 4" will require angling IAC and I still might do it with the 3.5 MAFP. I thought the 4" looked too big.
I also ordered the basic translator as I don't need all the tunablity as with the plus. Who knows I could get one in the future. But IMO the set up I'm going with the intake will be covered no matter what more I'll get done in the future.
On an 11 sec car, going from 3" to 4" will make no difference in power. It will all be about looks. I would get a 3" or 3.5" MAF pipe and an LS1 sensor with a regular translator. When you go with a translator, I recommend an Extender chip. The LT1 and LS1 sensors are the best driving (the most accurate) sensors. The 3" LT1 sensor actually flows less than a stock sensor, so go with the 3.5" LS1.
1 positive with the z06 is it has the iat sensor intergrated into the maf so it saves you from having to drill a hole to add the iat sensor somewhere.