maf reading ?

turbo todd

Yeah its a BUICK!!
May 27, 2001
I read somewhere that on scanmaster that 8-9 maf reading at idle is way to much. Mine reads 7 at idle. Is this too much or just the upper limit of ok. Thanks for replys.
Turbo Todd,

I don't have SM but I've been using T-Link and an OTC 2000 scanner and my MAF flow rates have been between 5 & 6 depending on my idle speed. It appears that the flow on my car is on the upper 5's to the lower 6's and that's why it toggles between these two numbers. The scanners does not read in tenths but in whole numbers. My idle speed is between 850 to 950 RPM. Hope that helps.
Thanks for the reply. My car idles at 700 to 750 rpms. t.p.s. set at .44 and iac at 30 engine warm and in gear. Mine sometimes hits 6, but most of the time its at 7. At wot the most I've ever seen is 247. Thanks