MAF readings


Want my GN to go 11's one day
Is the MAF readings 0-255 mean as long as your scantool reads 0-255 is MAF ok or are there some readings preffered over others that can determine a bad MAF.these are mine; 08 idling, 98 60mph, 101 WOT.
101 at WOT. What boost level. If it's > 15 or so that's a problem unless you have an extender chip
Sounds like my car. Powerlogger would show the MAF not reaching much over 150 and would climb there slowly.

I just installed a 3" late model MAF & Translator today and drove to work. MUCH improved throttle response and the MAF was near 255 at WOT on Scanmaster. Other Powerlogger logs I have seen show the MAF going up very fast to 255 and staying there at WOT. I hope to log my car tonight.