MAF Translator & MAF Options


May 25, 2001
Ok, my original stock MAF sensor is finally crapping out on me (car is getting the MAF engine code on the Scanmaster, Check Engine Light is on, idles horribly, and the car dies as soon as I put it in Drive).

I want to upgrade to the MAF translator and new MAF. The car has stock throttle body, stock turbo, 3 in. (underhood) MAF pipe with K&N filter, and a TurboTweak chip burnt for my MSD-50s.

It's been a few years since I've been tinkering with this car, but I basically see three options of MAF sensors that I can get with the translator (a) 3-5/8" 85 mm ZO6 sensor, (b) 3" LT1 sensor, or (c) 3.5" LS1 sensor. Options (b) and (c) are a little more expensive.

Which one do I go with that will be a direct plug-n-play? (I'm guessing option (a)??)

What's the differences/advantages between the three options (other than the sizes)? Thanks...
All 3 are plug and play. New mafs that I have purchased came with the adapter to our wiring. If you go to the z06 or ls you'll need new couplers to match. I have used both the lt1 and ls. Both worked fine. With your low mods, the lt1 will be fine and you won't need new couplers.
I ran the Lt-1 MAF / translator combo for 12 years to that sensor failed. I moved on to the LS1 MAF which in theory should flow more air as it’s a larger diameter. I believe the LS1 unit has better electronics as well.
You’ll need a silicone hose adapter to go from 3” to 3.5” with LS1. Not sure about the ZO6 MAF, I think it’s a cartridge type. But I know many Buick guys run that one too. I don’t think there is a bad decision with any of them compared to the Autozone junk stock replacement MAFs.
Thanks. I'll probably just stick with the 3" LT-1 MAF. I'm assuming that all the typical vendors that sell them are rebuilt units? Do any of the vendors sell original units? It also looks like most available are GM replacement (Delphi) units?
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You can find GM/Delco LT1 maf's on ebay sometimes.
Make sure you set it up propery, I believe you have to open the box itself to set it rite. Im sure someone here can tell you how to do it,its been so long i dont remember. I seem to remember,off,off,off,on or some bullshit like that. Sorry.
The larger 3.5" sensors will give less pressure drop and most likely better spool but it won't come without a price. It will require a step up coupler and a new filter with a larger neck ID. Granted the larger filter neck will also give less pressure drop. Some people like to get a 4" filter and squish it down to 3.5" making sort of a velocity stack.