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Jan 3, 2002
Does anyone know who makes the flanged fully grooved main bearings for these cars? I ordered from Kenne Bell but they are totally back-ordered. They would only tell me that they are made by Federal Mogul. I believe Clevite makes them also, but I need stock numbers.

Perhaps Fred C. can help me here? I want to purchase them here locally, (Fla), but most auto parts clerks don't have a clue as to what I am asking for. To them a bearing is just that...a bearing. Flanged, grooved they don't know......(minumum wage you know :rolleyes: ).

Anybody want to take a crack at this one? Remember, I need stock numbers...... :(
Fred ;

I have parts #'s but I don't remember if there federal Mogal or clevite.

But here they are

Mains = MS960P
rods = CB12287 std

You how what give Jack Cotton a call at 1-800-639-0531 he can hook you up. He's in MA. but he does ship UPS , and he knows these buick engines.

Hope this helps
As welcomed and as helpful as always Fred. But I need to make extra sure. :D

The stock main bearings are not flanged and they are only grooved 180 degrees, (the grooved bearing shell sits on the block side of the crank, the bearing that sits on the main bearing cap is not grooved).

The ones I want are flanged and grooved all the way around. These are the ones that I want stock numbers for. :cool:

I would love to give Jack Cotton a call, problem is that I don't know as of yet how far down the machinist is going to cut on the crank. So that would mean that I can't order or buy the mains or the the rod journal bearings yet. :(

Once he's finished and I get a size, I will have to buy them locally. Down time is costly and I can't afford to wait on shipping times....(I need my ride). :rolleyes:

Can you double check on that for me? :)

Thanks Fred....
Hi Fred;

The ones in my present engine are differant then you desribe. The only flanged main on mine is the thrust bearing , the rest are just press in like you said.

While you are waiting you can Email Jack ,I'm sure he knows what you are talking about.

Give him a try , There is always over night shipping. and he knows these engines inside and out.

Hope this helps ,

God Speed , Fred