Malfunction Code 51 help


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Jan 20, 2002
Cranked up the car today, everything is fine for about 2 minutes, then it starts to idle bad. Scan Master is blank. So, I put in the tomco key and get an error code 51 meaning faulty PROM or ECM. Any suggestions on troubleshooting this problem? Help would be appreciated.:confused:
I am ASSuming here. You did remove, clean and reconnect all ECM connections? You did remove, clean and reinstall the chip? Failing this, a swap with a known good ECM would be my next step, after a chip swap first. Was the car just sitting until you cranked it up? Were you doing ANY type of work on the car, then had this problem?
Keep us posted and remember the more info you can provide, the bigger a help we can be. :)
my car done the exact same thing...well a couple of times...first time was the power wire goin to the was loose...itd run perfectly 98% of the time..but get in it...and the wasnt making a good connection it would do that...second time, this is when it actually threw a code, the battery and alt. was goin bad..the car didn have over 11 volts while the car was running....check both of those first...i thought mine was an ecm. so i changed both it and the chip twice, and it still didnt solve my problem.
I pulled the ECM and chip, cleaned what I could then put it back together. Problem solved. Thanks for the input. Mike