MAP sensor and aftermarket boost gauge questions


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Jul 7, 2014
Hi Guys,

It's summer again in Canada, though it was late in coming, at least out west! Time to get some things done to the GN. This year, it'll be dropping the gas tank, upgrading the fuel pump and install a Racetronix hotwire kit. I also want to install an aftermarket boost gauge. This leads to yet another topic on the MAP sensor. :rolleyes:

I realize the stock MAP does nothing more than cause the digital dash boost LEDs to light up.

The aftermarket gauge appears to have its own sensor and tee fitting. Is it correct that I can simply mount this in the engine bay, "T" into the vacuum line already going to the MAP sensor, leaving the stock MAP connected and working with the original LED lights? I don't care if the stock boost gauge is inaccurate as I'll be using the aftermarket boost gauge.

Second question: As the stock MAP sensor is a 2-BAR sensor, and the aftermarket gauge reads up to 35 PSI but seems to use its own sensor, I wouldn't need to upgrade to a 3-BAR MAP sensor at all, correct?

Thanks for the advice!
I was expecting that response. :) Surely it would be no less accurate than the stock MAP sensor and a few LED bulbs? That wasn't known for its accuracy, either.