Map Sensor

Laredo GN

Jan 4, 2002
Thank-You for answering Boost 231

What is a Map Sensor, where does it go and what purpose does it serve. I also have a 2800 Stall Converter, I also have a Throttle Enhancer Calibrator. I ran the car in Mexico (I live two miles from the border) on the 30th of Dec 1/8 and it ran 10:60, I only ran it once because I arrived late and the event had already begun and they just let me try out my car, if there was any knock I did not hear it, I am sure that if I had run it 4 or 5 times I could had the times down to about 10:10 my reaction was 5:600. I also have Postons soft compound tines but I think that it should have ran faster than the 10:60 with all the stuff that I have put in, EXCEPT the 3" UP & Down Pipes, with these upgrades the turbo seems to come up much faster, but it rattles all over like if the car was out of time or the gas does not have enough octane. I have 93 and one gallon of Toluene in a full tank, I also noticed that the wire in the middle of the MAF is not sitting straight it is a little bent but it is not broken, it seems to pass the test when I hit it with a screw driver the engine's idle does not stumble. Which Knock Sensor do you recomend and are they hard to install, I want the car to run a 13 flat or 12:90's be my goal. I do not plan to run the hell out of it, for that I have the 69 Plymouth Roadrunner drag car (10:80), but I do not want to have my doors blown off by a Mustang or a Corvette in the street. I need to get it to run right THANK-YOU Guys. :cool:
The MAP sensor is only used for your boost guage. It doesn't hook in to the computer.

I'd be worried about the bent pin in the MAF sensor.

anyways i said mat sensor. i got a couple of questions for you? where do u live u said your not to far away from the boreder of mexico. i live in sahuarita arizona like 5 min away from green valley let me know maybe i can come see the beast u have and we can try to see whats wrong with it. i will bring antoher one of my gn buddies let me know.


Originally posted by cool 84
The MAP sensor is only used for your boost guage. It doesn't hook in to the computer.

I'd be worried about the bent pin in the MAF sensor.

If I buy a 86 MAF sensor do you think that it will help my problem, like I said I tap the sensor on top with a screwdriver while the car is idiling and it does not stumble:cool:

ok if u have a 86 computer u need to have a chip burned for the 86 computer and your fuel injectors as well. if u have a 86 ecm you should put in a 86 87 maf but you dont need to you can use the stock 84 85 one but u have to pull teh prom chip out of the 84 85 ecm and put it in the 86 87 ecm this is the little chip next to the big one in the ecm. the easy thing to do is put in a 86-87 maf sensor make sure u got the mat sensor in it the one that goes into the k&n and goes to the ecm when u convert it over to the 86-87 ecm. then call someone and get a chip made for the 86-87 ecm and tell them your injector size and u should be all good.

Knock sensor is not to hard to instal. A little hard to get to, behind the turbo by fire wall. Any parts store has one. Use some teflon tape on the threads and don't put it in very tight. So you don't pick up a bunch of extra vibration.