Max Effort??


May 30, 2001
Is there any benefit in running a maxeffort over say a race chip from red ???
Sorry but there is no comparison Red knows alot about these cars but the Maxeffort has it all over his chips and trust me i spent alot of $$$ on chips from everyone and the differance is night and day the Maxeffort is the best of both worlds
The MaxEffort is the only way to go unless your ready to pop $2500.00 for a “ FAST “DFI? And no B/S lap-top if ya have it setup for the scanmaster. All the info. ya need ya can get from the scanmaster and or a EGT. Its too trick, I’ll never go back. (till smog time). Just match your inj. to your gold’s and get his 16 pos. chip and don’t look back! And Steve Yaklin is just the best darn guy you will ever do biz. with or get tek. support from!

2 cars with the same combos may want different tuning. Any burned chip is a stab in the dark and may need to be tweaked by the burner. The MaxEffort allows you to change the settings within the drivers seat just by turning a thumbwheel. The nicest thing is that my ME was better out of the box than my Reds street chip and with Steves advice made it even better. I hope to compare my RA107 chip to my ME16 pos chip this year.

Steve is definitely the man. I didnt even buy mine from him, i got it used from a friend, and he has bent over backwards to help me out with that and any other thing i had questions about. A real stand up guy in a sit down world!