Max Effort


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May 25, 2001
Does the Max Effort system work equally well with all injector sizes? Or is it like chips, are some sizes better than others? I'd like to run blue tops but I don't know where to find them and I was wondering what sizes work well for a TA 49 turbo for mid to high 11's. Thanks
ME works well with all size injectors, but was primarily intended for larger injectors....50 & up....each chip must be customized for the setup involved
Steve Y has excellent chips for 36# blue tops, 40# red stripes, 42.5# green stripes, and 50# msds.

I started with a blue top chip long, long ago and I currently have one in my El Camino.

I believe Nick Micale sells the yellow top Accels which he has said are the same injectors as the blue tops with regard to flow profiles.

For mid 11s, I would go up a notch from 36#, myself. I have used all the ones listed above and currently have the elky with blue tops, a T with 50#s, and my GN has 75# injectors.