Maxeffort worth the effort?


Obsession or Digression?
Sep 19, 2001
I have read the info on the maxeffort site and searched on this board for info. I am considering purchasing this fuel management system. I have an '87 GN in which I have installed 38# inj, THDP, 2.5" exh, MM boost control, (stock turbo and IC). My stock MAF seemed to be acting up, 71k miles, and I borrowed a friends LS1 and translator, the car runs great with this. I had considered purchasing the LS1 MAF, but thought maybe I could put this money towards the maxeffort instead.

It sounds to me like since it is run open loop, I can use the 255 lock on the MAF at WOT. I will only go to the track a couple times a year but I do like to use race gas to run more boost on the street, and I hate killing the O2 sensors-therefore the maxeffort consideration. I have not found any high octane unleaded locally. I am also very interested in the SMC alky kit, as this may apply to my maxeffort questions. I use the scanmaster to tune.

My questions:
1) Does the maxeffort come with some sort of MAF sensor? Kind of sounds like I should use the stock one and remove all the screens.
2) Replaces the need to have any other race chip, alky chip, etc., right?
3) For SMC users, does it work well with this? Have you used the wg solenoid wires to trigger the alky pump?

Hi Tim
Actually you could shove a regular chip in from one of the boys and run pretty good for less money.
The Max E is most effective on fast cars with large injectors, however , it would run pretty good with what you have as well.

The wgt wires are a shift light option and the alcohol would be seperate stand alone- not interfaced with the MaxE.
I stopped the knock nozzle option due to lack of interest.

As far as the xlator and maf is concerned, if you go that route you might as well just run a chip because the MaxE would be another 360 you really wouldnt need to spend in all honesty. It would, and does work great with the xlator, but the xlator and a chip is plenty adjustable by itself for your needs near as I can tell.

For a stock maf the MaxE works great, and if you suspect you may expand in the future, you will have the fuel part of it covered for the long run.
The MAF lock is programmable so there is no problem with that.

For alcohol you have a lower spark curve you can run on. The typical MaxE is 18 and 24 degrees. Pump gas/alcohol or race fuel.

Thanx for asking,
Thanks Steve for the honest reply. I think I will go with the translator and MAF. I just hate messing with killing O2 sensors with the race fuel. Only added race fuel a few times and really enjoyed the performance but not the O2 getting killed so quick. Once I get the SMC, I can quit thinking about the race fuel anyway. I just want to make good decisions for a solid street car, and all the veteran TR info has been very helpful, along with my research on anything TR related.