MECUM Auto auctions

80k with under 300 miles:eek: that sucks. I say drive them.That aint a good turn around. unless the guy just bought it for 50-60,000 and flipped it.
But have you noticed at the bottem end you can steal some nice cars for a lot less than a few years back.
That car would have one hell of a beating from st charles to addison il if I would have bought it:biggrin: Didnt even know they had the auction this weekend. Some of the prices are still up there surprisingly.
Did anyone see the 1984 GN with something like 7500 miles go through the other night? Bidding got to $19k and it did not sell!:eek: It looked pretty clean but it seemed a bit odd turning down $19k...

Just wondering what you guys thought about that.