Merry Christmas Everyone

hey everyone...hope you all have a merry what...anyone got any good parts for christmas? christmas eve i got my cam, arp bolts and rings for my pistons....

well...cleaned up the block this morning after opening gifts with my daughter...that cleaner i picked up from car quest is solid...a one gallon can made by gunk...hook it up to my solvent air gun...and block is clean! after all them oil leaks and looks like a new block! washed it down with water...dried it..then put a coat of oil to prevent rust....gotta pick up a honer for my bores thats it for the day till tomorrow

anyone else got any stuff to share?
Wow, you got a good santa.... no car parts here. I guess I have to be my own santa.. Oh my... that could be dangerous!!!;)

What did everyone else get?? Any front mount IC's??
Originally posted by fugly
....gotta pick up a honer for my bores though...

Are you talking about one of those "dingle ball" glazebreaking hones? If so, I got one you could borrow. Its a BRM flex-hone, 180 grit silicon carbide, for 3.75 to 4.25 inch bores. Still new and in the package. Let me know if this will work for you and we can arrange a place to meet.

Shoot me an E-mail at