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Nov 12, 2002
i just need to know if the metal framing inside the radio opening hole that the factory radio, heater controls and cig lighter can b replaced? if so does anyone know where i can get one or know some one who has an extra one ? let me know please thank you
It's replaceable but the dash has to come out. Any 84 or up regal should fit.
thanx guys thanx for taking the time to do that i noticed two nuts on the sides half way up and like 4 or 5 screws towards the back come up from the bottom im hoping i dont have to remove the whole dash for this let me know ur findinds thanx oh by the way there a pic of the metal frame in the parts wanted section that pacecarta posted up the thread is under my name
heres what im replacing


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I think it is rivited to the dash pad so you will have to drill them out. I don't think you can do it while it is in the car. When I get home I'll take a look at one.

There's 2 frames under there. The one for the radio attaches to the one that supports the dash. But I didn't think the bolts are accessible. The whole changing the dash out was traumatic enough I've blocked details from my memory

so is that the other metal piece u posted that has rivets? so i should be good then if im only replacing the piece i posted up right ? without removing the dash
my piece is screwed to the piece u showing in the pic only a few screws towards the back that i can get from underneath the dash and 2 bolts that r towards the front by the lighter opening in the dash on the left n right side half way up in the opening im hoping thats all it is lol