Mice!! I hates em


Lone Wolf
It has begun. The weather here has turned cold so all the litte rats (mice) are coming into the garage.

Last year I had to replace the hood liner as they turned it into a mouse condo.

This year the GN sleeps with the hood up so they can't get up there hopefully.

I have traps set under the car in several places and in two days have snapped 3 of the little devils.

Anyone have any good advice for keeping them away from the car?

Things I can not use are harsh chemicals that I will smell and cats.

Hit me with your ideas please.
No no, you misunderstood me Pat. I want to get rid of the mice, not feed my dogs :-)

House, up here this time of the year the snakes are all sleeping. Besides, my dogs kill those too :-(.

Just wish I could train the pups to kill the mice without killing the Buick in the process.

I don't like the glue traps so I suppose the snap traps will do. I will lay down like 50 of them!!!!!
I have traps set under the car in several places and in two days have snapped 3 of the little devils.

They say you can't build a better mousetrap! They're dirt cheap and they work. They suck, but they work! And if they're not trapping mice, it's a good bet you don't HAVE mice...

D-con will slow 'em down, buy a few boxes & hide outdoors someplace.
you could try putting some drier sheets in the car seemed to work for me last year. i also heard of putting irish spring in the car but have not tried it. i usually try eveything i hear and so far the drier sheets seem to work the best.
Mark, can't use Decon in case a stoned mouse wanders into the dog kennel.

I have heard they like steel wool and then die, but again... if one of the pups ate a mouse filled with steel.....well...

I had not heard of dryer sheets or irish spring.

I can try both as they are cheap but to be honest..... I would rather kill them then drive they away.

I will prolly stick with the snap traps and peanut butter.
What is a good bait for a snap trap. I have a problem at my cottage for which I need a good bait that will stay fresh longer than cheese will. I have heard peanut butter but I am very allergic to that. What else works?

I tried those glue traps, actually caught one, it looked like it had fallen flat in the middle of it.
I have used cheese but it dries out and they don't seem interested in it.

I switched to p-butter but if you are allergic..... well.....

I suppose they will nibble on anything so the key is to find something they can't easily remove from the trigger plate until it is too late.

Not sure what else is out there that works well :-(
I had problems with mice cleaning those snap traps....... started tieing some frayed strings from the knee of an old ripped pair of levis on the trigger. Then peanut butter on the string. Works every time........they tug on the string and SNAP :D
Out here in AZ we have pack rats, if you park a car outdoors the wiring and every thing else under the hood will get chewed up if you don't leave the hood up, guess they wan't privacy while destroying your car.

I like the string with peanut butter, good idea. If you are alergic to it, just let someone else do it for you. I really don't think there is anything even comparable to PB for catching mice, I have tried. Easy Cheese only works for about 1-2 days.

Edit: Just thought of something, superglue a couple sunflower seeds to the trigger, that should get their attention.
The trick to getting those buggers when they clean the trap is to use cotton (from a cotton ball) mixed in with the peanut butter (or whatever else you use.) The cotton gets stuck in their teeth, and they struggle, and WHAM!!!!

I like the Victor traps that look like giant clothespins. You just squeeze the back to set them, they crawl in and get smooshed. Then, you hold the back, open it over the garbage and you are ready to go again....

Like these:


If you are allergic to peanut butter - try chocolate, mixed with cotton, of course....
Todd, the information describes them as "live" traps.

Do they kill the mice?

I have been useing the Victor traps that have a huge yellow platform to put bait on instead of the little tiny metal teaspoon thing of the past.

Works very well. Never had a trap cleaned off yet :-)

I was sleeping on the couch last night and at about 2am I woke up. Thought I had heard the trap go off in the garage......went out and sure enough there was a victim.

I am tuned into mouse pain and suffering and I love it :-)
I swear I thought this was another mease thread.....:o until I started reading it, sorry Keith but I had to reply because Iam laughing at myself for thinking you were in the fryer again and while reading it I was think ....man are these types of threads ever going to stop.

Jesse :D

Its pass my bed time Iam seeing things.................
You bet it kills them. Squeezes them right in the neck usually. Like a giant clothespin set open. They step on the center part inside of it, and it closes around them. They are great....