mid 11 - mid 12 second cars... what plug gap?

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Out the window
Nov 25, 2002
this is a question is for those running anything between mid 11's to mid 12's

i was wondering what kind of gap you are running on your plugs?

i am currently running the NGK UR5's gapped at .035 some one said to take the gap down a smigget to .032

good idea? or what do you recommend?

I'm running NGK UR5's with a tight 0.35 gap. When I say tight, I mean that the .035" feeler gauge will only slide into the gap if I force it a little bit.

Car runs around 116mph in the quarter with 22-24psi boost.

I have had a Modern Muscle/Ramchargers high output coil pack on the car since I bought it. I don't know if that's helping or not, as I've never run it with a stock coil pack.

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