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Mar 5, 2009
I assume most readers know my program for the parts I list. Payment is paypal only. I don't deal in photos. Parts are as described. Best results email me personally with the letter/number code that perks your interest.
My email is Parts all include shipping to basic 48 states ONLY. PA residents got to add 6%sales tax to the total.

TK -1 I have 3 good used Cardone brake bowls. New they list for $200 these are just $69.95 each. Be tough to find a cheaper spare brake bowl than this.

TK-2 For any year Grand National or T-Type that is black a remote drivers mirror that works and manual passenger mirror. They are black. Used Mirrors do have some minor scratches. Cheap at $49.95 for the pair.

TK-3 I have pair of my books used the one that sells for $35 and the one that sells normally for $19.95 own both for just $34.95 . The $35 retail book is the 400 page one and the other one is about buying a Turbo Regal runs 200 pages. Slightly dog eared. Great Christmas gift.

TK-4 For any year Regal good used standard sun visor chrome bracket with special set screw 3 mounting screws good used plastic bushing nice chrome not busted. I have 6 of them just $16.95 each. Works for either side visor. This is the one for the visors that do NOT have the lited mirror as that bracket has a longer rod and a hole in it for the wire lead.

TK-5 Here is a package deal: Al l these parts are powder coated glossy black show quality and even the original bolts have been done in glossy black powder coating. For any 1984-1987 Regal pair of hood hinges, pair of brackets to secure the hood shocks to the hood, power steering bracket, secondary latch and spring that attach to the hood, and the main latch that attaches to the core support. Six items as described $99.95.

TK-6 For the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal I have the radiator top plate done in high glossy black power coating, includes the 5 correct bolts to secure it in black powder coating, both new reproduction decals included and both rubber insulators included. You need your two cage nuts from your original plate to secure your electric fan to it. Hard to find these $89.95.

TK-10 I have just one mint looking flip down stay down license plate bracket one of the cheapest and best upgrades to add to your Turbo Regal to protect your rear fillers when pumping fuel. $29.95.

TK-11 For the 1989 Turbo Trans Am I have 2 available original real nice 1989 GM Maintenance glove box booklets. Just $12.95 each

TK-12 For the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal new in the AC Delco box factory knock sensor cheap at $39.95.

TK-13 For any 1984-1987 Turbo Regal I have 5 sets of the factory hood hinges done in high gloss black powder coating with correct hardware also done in high gloss black powder coating. The price is $39.95 per set.

TK-14 For any year Turbo Regal I have good used lighted rear view mirrors that have been fitted with the LED bulbs tested. These are like new. Great upgrade if you have T-Tops. These mirrors are hard to find as this design looks like the factory mirror in its overall shape. The LED lites alone retail for $18. Price is $29.95 We will only sell 5 at this price.

TK-15 We discontinued our reproduction fiberglass 3 piece rear spoiler. I happen to have two of the passenger side end caps left over. The price is $28.95 each. Again this is the passenger side and just the actual end cap for the factory style spoiler.

TRADES? I will consider used 1986-1987 turbo regal radiator top plates as partial trade on any of the above.
We posted today 11-25 our Thanksgiving M&M contest which expires this Saturday. See our home page Inner Circle for details.

My predictions: Lions win, (Calvin is tough to cover & Eagles are pitiful) Panthers win (Cam seems to be having fun!), Packers win( Bret Farve is in the house and back in the day was an exciting quarterback to watch in action).

Enjoy the day with friends & family.

Our company is closed Friday as I assume most suppliers are. Remember keep your wallet and phone close to your body..not everyone in the stores Friday is there to make legit purchases! Someone lifted my sister in laws phone the other week while she was shopping.
Come on Dennis give a sale on the better parts !!! Besides the parts that are taken up Room on the shelfs.
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Calvin may not play and the Eagles better get it in gear before Chip and several players need bodyguards.
I'm interested in the rad plate tk6...I have my stock one for me and give me price..there is nothing wrong with my except its faded and needs to be blasted and coated..