misc. parts for sale


Jun 5, 2004
have some parts for sale, shipping extra on out of U.S. (canada etc.) Pm me with any questions.All parts plus shipping

42.5 injectors 125$
stock 28 spline axles 65 $
valve cover spacers 35$
stock valve covers (bead blasted and clean) 50$
stock plenum (bead blasted and clean)35$
stock rear springs (good shape)30$
gnx style fender vents (has holes in each end from pop rivets)45$
3" t bar clamps (stainless) quantity of 5... 3 $ each
TT chip 42.5 with alcohol injection, stock turbo, 40$
Adding parts to the list:

front and rear bumperettes w/ rubbers (good shape and a few chips in paint) 40$ plus shipping

Oil feed line to turbo (New) 25$ plus shipping
Stock Rear axle cover ( bead blasted and painted black)25$ plus shipping

front center filler panel (paint good shape in black)20$ plus shipping

scan tool by actron with gm 87 to 95 cartridge good shape 75 plus shipping(will cover 87 turbo regal)
Can you tell me any details on the chip, how old (what rev) it is and is it adjustable?