MISC TURBO STUFF...books...center cap...vhs tape...poster...steering wheel


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Jul 11, 2003
hey guys I have a few old buick items im looking to get red of if anyone is interested first I have a nice used 86-87 GN center cap....it was a spare for my gn that I have had on my desk for years.....next I have a copy of the kirban guide to 86-87 turbo buicks....a mint GRANT GT steering wheel that I had bought because my wheel had leather problems....its 3 spoke leather wrapped same grey as gn leather.....then 2 copys of the buick facts and figures books.....one is the black cover and one is the white cover...then I have a vhs video from creative concepts that was about tuning the gn and going from 14.0-12.0 its from 1989...... and last I have a Pontiac poster of the TTA it was a promo item but this one was a misprint....only so many came out like this and then they corrected it....its basicly a drawing of the tta, and the gp...with a nascar and an indy car...pretty cool and rare.... if anyone is intetested in any of this make an offer....you can call or text me at 978-728-8505.... I can text pictures
What will ya take for the kirban guide and one of the facts and figures books...shipped to 59901

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Were goin well over a month that i made payment!!! Several attempts to contact you and still no merchandise!!