Miscellaneous Parts in one post part 2 LOL


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Apr 17, 2010
Gn1 performance Billet aluminum valve cover breathers $40 for the set, new 79 plus shipping

HR parts and stuff trans mount hr#0600 $75 and it's new, original price 89

Kirbans AC delete that he sells for $49.95 $30

Mass air flow Chrome cover $5

Under the hood fuel pressure gauge:
Propoint EN837 liquid filled fuel pressure gauge set up for stock fuel rail, complete. $40

Stainless braided turbo oil feed line $25, new at jets $37

Stainless braided fuel feed line $25

Rear aluminum bumper shock replacement part, kirban sells for 100 they're brand-new 80

Powermaster brake pedal and firewall bracket $50

Modified stock plenum $20 see pictures

A pipe was welded in $10 see picture

Cut out with 3in bolt hole center to Center see picture not sure what it's for $10

Stock fuel injectors flowed and cleaned at Richard Clark's garage was 36,000 miles on them best offer

Stock Pistons with 36000 miles on them best offer

That's it for now thanks in advance for looking and now I'm sure you're glad I didn't post them one piece at a time
Messed up on the pictures but here they are I hope
Steve C


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