miss on cold starts?


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Jun 16, 2001
When ever the car sits overnight, when i go to start it, it fires immediatly but it misses very badly and doesn't seem to be running on all cylinders. If i rev it up and keep it at 2 grand it clears up and its fine all day long no other problems. It has new plugs, wires, pcv, module, coil, iac, fuel filter and all the grounds are good. The injectors don't have to many miles on them, but it definatly seems like one or two are leaking down and flooding the cylinder, does this sound probable or should i look at something else.
My first worry would be that your head gasket is leaking water into the cylinder(s) and it takes a while to burn out the water. Are you having to fill the overflow frequently or at all?
nope, the overflow has been at the full mark since i filled it when i put the motor in a while ago. Its definatly not a headgasket leaking. Thanks though:cool:
Sticky Valves and/or Weak valve springs?

Run a bottle of CD-2 or other "Free up Sticky Valves" juice in the crankcase. If it doesn't get better in a couple of days worth of driving, then it must be something else.

Same problem with mine, but I would also get a back-fire though the intake on some mornings. (When you crank it in the morning, keep an eye on the boost gauge... You might also see a spike or 2 before it fires off) After a backfire, it would run like crap for a little while, then clear up and run fine. This was at 145K miles.

I ran the CD-2 in the oil for 2 days, and noticed a big difference. All the problems went away!

(I then drained the oil and replaced the valve springs)

At 160K miles, still running fine!
hmm, i hope not, the motor is not more than 10,000 miles old, and i had the drivers head off, to get the head drilled for an egr, and the valves and overall head looked great still.