On the struggle bus

Unplugging the torque converter lockup solved it. No more stalling when transitioning from stopped to rolling.

Right now the IAC is 18 in park at hot idle. TPS at .44 and seems to like it.

I have noticed at WOT every now and then the millivolts will read low (.200-.350) for a split second, and will pull 2-3 degrees of timing. It doesn't do it every time though. Most WOT pulls show O2 voltage between .750-850

Should I mess around with the MAF translator and see if I can richen it up a little under boost?
you must remember you unplugged the converter plug. The TCC is not sending a signal to lock at the incorrect time , and the vale is not stuck open our it would steal lock energize or not. I don't believe you have a couch problem.
Will millivolts may be correct it pulling timing low millivolts and Knock = timing retard.
Scooby said the first place I would go, old fuel dirty injector are good candidates too. one dirty injector can be a hard thing to troubleshoot.
im not real up on translator but not sure you can make adjustment with a old TT chip in the translator.
So I think I have it pretty dialed in now.

Have the MAF Translator set at 10% lean at idle, and 6% rich WOT. Numbers look good, and no knock retard at 16psi.

Have put close to 300 miles on it last week trouble free. So that torque converter lockup was definitely engaged when it wasn't supposed to be. Not the end of the world, as it's getting a converter change this winter.
Replace the TCc switch in the pan. This slightest piece of trash will cause that problem.