missing antifreeze


Jun 14, 2004
I thought that my smoking problem may be antifreeze since it was low? but I did a block leak test on the rad today and it picked up no fuel in coolant. compression was 155-160 on all cylinders. where is it going? the smoke looks like oil. how else can I check this? the o2's are abnormally high 800+ in drive at idle, and #3 plug very clean (white). any ideas??? :confused:
What color is the 'smoke'? Blueish (oil), black (rich mixture), white (water)?

Are you using oil at a higher rate?

Worn turbo bearing/seal?

Bad PCV?
smoke is blue like oil smells like fuel, but the antifreeze is goin low. I am wondering if I have a slight leak and it's washing the cylinder wall. It would also explain why my #3 plug looks like new(clean) and possibly my high o2's at idle in drive