Missing Child NYC please read

Why would someone fake a missing child? I don't see any profit in it, and it sure as hell ain't funny.
That's sick.... I'm sorry If it is a hoax but Why ?? whats to gain by it ?
Although I most certainly haven't looked into this any further, I could imagine their could be a gain to be had. From those sympathetic to a seemingly genuine cause.

There are many people who would not only send their prayers, but also send their dollars, services, gifts, what-have-you to this person.

Granted, they said the email is a dead stick, but I'm sure at one time it was working and collecting.

People can be very gracious... and naive.
People create these HOAXES because they're bored. They want to see how much credence is given to their creation and get thrilled to see their creation spawn into reality.

Snopes is the best internet legend debunking site out there.

This particular story is listed here.

There are really some sick fcuks in this world.