Monitoring oil temps ?

Ooo this has turned into a good ole synthetic vs conventional thread huh? I agree, imop waste of money. Ive never used it in anything I own. GN gets VR1. Everything else, whatever API certified oil I have on hand that meets the spec.

Current truck: 370k
Wifes Lexus: 165k

Previous cars

Last truck: 305k when sold
Monte Carlo: 245k when totalled
Olds Aurora : 220k when sold
Sunfire: 195k when sold
Buick Park Avenue: 220k totalled

Gotta hate that conventional oil! Lol

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The debate between Synthetic vs Dino will never end, users on both sides have made valid arguments, which makes the average Joe even more confused. Dino users say that it clings onto the surfaces much better than synthetic and synthetic users say that the molecules are much smaller than Dino so they are able to go were Dino can't, which could result in leaks. Dino users have had great results as well as Synthetic users. Is one better than the other, I don't know. But what I know everyone will agree on is running a clean , quality oil is much more benifically than the type of oil. I would think that Dino oil would have to be changed more frequently than Synthetic based on claims that Synthetic oil creating less friction, which would offset the cost to some degree. Use what makes you happy and if you become unhappy use the other.
I've noticed better gas mileage from synthetic over dino. Now that gas isn't $0.85/gallon anymore the added cost more than pays for itself. The fast that I can cruise on the interstate will less throttle at the same speed tells me it robs less HP from parasitic drag. Each of those alone is enough for me.

Nothing against dino, the worst oil you can buy today is better than the 'best' oil from '87 (ignoring the zinc missing). It's just cheaper to run full syn in the long run.

On my mowers I've noticed I can plow right through some dense rough grass that used to bog down the engine after switching to Mobil1.

Opinions on messageboards arguing over two things that both work is silly. I'll take the choice that frees up HP and costs less to operate any day of the week. Bonus points for having a higher temp rating that I'll most likely never need.