Monte Carlo SS (2004)


Jul 8, 2001
Just picked up a black 2004 monte ss (intimadator edition, hehe) and I was wondering where I would go for little parts to make it a tad bit faster. I am not looking for anything extreme since it is my daily driver and winter car. Thanks
Check out these sites.

New Parts

Used Parts and forums

All of these sites are based off the w-body line and L36 and L67 motors.
awesome thanks!

yeah it looks like what i want is the pulley kit and the cai. maybe a tb spacer but i think thats good enough for what i want out of my daily driver. Thanks a ton!
if you do a pulley, cut atleast the u-bend out and get a o2 simulator from caspers or somewhere else. to safely run a pulley your gonna need a CAI and u-bend at minimum. others have run it with nothing else and been fine. other have run them modded and blown their **** up. it just depends on the car. but to keep you safer id do somekinda exhaust work. and do a scan after the pulley just to see how much timing is being pulled from the motor due to knock. cause you are gonna have it. and dont go below a 3.4. so either a 3.5 or 3.4 and you should be fine.
see sig that what i did for daily and it is awsome!!! once u start u wont stop i have a bunch of stuff im going to order next year the L67 is a fun mod friendly motor..i need some exhaust work my self..enjoy
hehe i told my wife just a few small mods. next i ported half my engine, huge liquid intercooler and pullin 12's. intense did no wrong by me mostly but the guy i sold my gtp to pulled similar times as me. then took out the intense pcm and put in a dhp and nailed almost 11's. so for my next build im sticking zzp.