Montreal flood girl gets swept away have to see


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Nov 28, 2007
This happened in Montreal the other day as a result of a large water pipe which had burst at the McGill University Campus.

A young girl is somehow swept into the water (comes into frame). This is very frustrating to watch as there are many people standing by, not one of which says or does anything to help her, they could have at least called out to her and told her what to do when she was at the top of the hill. She's obviously either very terrified, disoriented or both, the temperatures were below freezing at the time. I can't believe that not one person called out to her to tell her which way to go, not one person even tries to help her, people just standing around filming. What is wrong with people / this generation today as they were all college university students just standing around filming? Sorry for the rant, just venting.

people dont use common sense anymore or willing to help anyone due to lawsuits. :( todays society sucks..
Looks like she was screwing around to me, I dont think it was an accident she was in the water (at first)