More center support problems


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Okay, I got the center support back out of the case. I then removed the direct drum also, in order to bench fit the center support into it. Fits fine.

I then put the center support back into the case without the direct drum/forward clutches in place and not only does it fit fine but I can even smoothly turn it by hand to line up the bolt holes.

Yet if I try to put the center support back into the case with the direct drum in place it won't go in unless I smack the crap out of it with a hammer .... and I don't think that's correct (duh.) And it's so tight I'd never be able to turn it by hand.

What can be misaligned, preventing a smooth insertion of the center support?

Check the sealing rings on the center support. Test fit them inside the direct drum to make sure they have end gap clearance.
This is going to be long so get some coffee.........

Months ago I requested help WITH the direct drum. I'd bought a new one since the band had burned out and scored the old drum. The center support wouldn't bench fit at all in the new one. It was suggested by someone on here that I had the wrong new drum. I took it back to the tranny parts wholesaler and the guy spend some time in the back, coming back and saying it WAS the correct one. He then put some new sealing rings on the center support and it bench fit perfectly into the drum.

Fast forward to a week ago when I stuck everything into the case and the center support fit so hard it wouldn't even turn in the case to allow me to line up the bolt holes. With some help here I was able to get the center support back out. Last night I test fitted the center support into the case without the drum in place. Fits perfect and I could turn it. I then put the center support into the drum on the bench and IT fits perfectly. But when trying to put the center support into the case with the drum in the case it won't go in easy but would require smacking it again.

I'm going to try removing the new steel seals from the center support as mikestertwo suggests, and fitting them into the drum by themselves....

but why would the support fit into the drum on the bench and NOT into the drum once it's in the case? This is what's bugging me, as if the drum while in the case is being misaligned.

I'll ask again,
Are you using a stock forward drum?

Have you test fit the center support over the forward drum?

Sorry for not answering...but I do get the parts mixed up in my head. Too bad they don't refer to them as drums for dummies.

Yes, I'm using the stock forward drum. I had the forward drum and the direct drum together, both in the case and on the bench. On the bench the center support fits perfectly into the forward and direct drums. Once I place the forward and direct drums into the case the center support needs a jack hammer to get it to seat.

One more thing....

As I said in another post I had to remove the center support as I'd found I had some spare parts left over. Once I had the direct/forward drums back out I took the forward clutches back out and found I'd left a wave plate out. So since this was just last night I haven't reassembled the clutches in the forward drum yet...I've included this information in case it would matter with the fitting of the center support.

Thanks for your paitence with me.
If you're looking at it right now and need someone to talk you through it, call me on my cell and I'll see if I can give you some suggestions.

Also, make sure you have the band seated correctly. Make sure the anchor pin hole in the band is installed in the anchor pin hole in the case. If it isn't, it will bind the direct drum and in turn will jam the center support.
Do you have the case standing straight up and down when you try to drop the CS in?

Yep. One year at the Nats I saw someone had built an upright tranny support using an engine stand as the base. I took a picture of it and built one myself. Seems to work well so thanks anonymous Nats guy.

And thanks for the phone offer. Right now I'm in the house looking at the rain and cold crap outside. I won't leave the warmth of my easy chair and laptop. :D Plus I'm a newbie at this tranny stuff; I'm using a video and occasionally Chris' book and another manual. If you told me to put the forward upper divided clutch housing into the lower sub atomic carrier you'd be waiting for an hour while I looked throught the video and manual to find out just what you're talking about. So I don't think that would work. Thanks again for the offer though.

Mikester...that was actually another part of why I took the center support back out. I had neglected to put the anchor pin in before I put the direct/forward drums into the case. And I thought that might be THE reason for not being able to seat the center support. So after removing the center support last night I put the band anchor pin into place before reinstalling the direct/forward drums. I made certain I could turn the direct drum before I tried to install the center support. And so I don't think at that point it was hanging up on the band.
Do you have an ASTG manual or CK's manual? If not get one, if you don't do this every day they are a must have.

Yes...those are the two manuals of which I spoke. Plus the video.

Anyway, I just came back in the house. All this posting stuff got me worked I went out to the cold shop after supper.

Success. I realized I'd tried the direct/forward drums together into the case. And the center support by itself. Never had I tried the forward or direct by themselves into the case. So on my first attempt with the direct drum going into the case and putting the 4 notches in the drum onto the 4 sticking up things (technical talk) it was wobbling somewhat. As if one notch weren't seating. Took the direct drum back out and looked carefully at the four notches. Behold, one had a slight nick with a bit of metal sticking out. I filed it smooth, put the direct and forward (now with all clutches, steels and wave plates intact) back seated nicely. And the center support slid in like a you-know-what into a well lubricated you-know-what. And I could even move it line up the holes.

Thanks for your help fellahs. Now that I'm an expert you can call on me anytime. :eek: :D