Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
Here we go again. Same program as in the past. Refer to whatever code I put with the item you are interested in. You must email me direct with your request. my email is Prices shown is the total price which includes UPS ground shipping to the basic 48 states. PA residents add 6% sales tax. I don't deal in photos, so please don;t ask. My parts (stuff) is exactly as described. Usually a bargain besides.

Paypal is method of payment please once I confirm item you want is still available.

12-H I got 2 more redone of the desireable flip down stay down license plate brackets Something Buick should have put on our cars. $32 each.

12-A I got one original real nice appearing tested good pressure brake bowl. This is the round bowl goes on the side of your powermaster brake unit. Scale of 1-10 this is a strong 8 in appearance. Not a cure all for all brake issues but solves problem 50% of the time. $75 owns it.

Next up various pieces of 100% correct original Collins Aikman grey pallex seat material that was use din every 1986-1987 Grand National and GNX. I believe I own the last bit from this one source. I also have some black coming in soon. Reproductions of which their are several are ok but nothing is exact like the original and this is with the letters C & A on the back and the date. Seat material is direction meaning runs front to back. Even has arrows on the back to indicate direction. For example if you lookat your front bucket seat basically the grey is 16 inches wide and 22 inches deep for either your base cushion or your back cushion. Referring the the grey insert area.

GN & GNX door panels upper portion used the same material. You need about 14 inches for each door panel. Length is not an issue as all the material runs 55 inches wide.that is listed below.

You decide what you need I can only give you the measurements.

Here goes

AF dated 1989 15 inches $65

AR dated 1989 16 inches $65

AT dated 1989 14 inches $55

AY dated 1989 12 inches $40

AP dated 1988 28 inches $175

AS dated 1988 17 inches $70

N dated 1989 16 inches $65

AB dated 1988 22 inches $85

L dated 1989 28 inches $175

All the above is 55 inches wide the inches I show is the length in other words any listed 22 inches or longer would cover a base or back cushion and since its 55 inches wide you could do several. The date is the date on the back of the material. I never found any dated after like 1991. The company that produced the material for GM is no longer in business.

All the above is extremely nice original material no sun fade no holes no rips no marks etc. This is one of the toughest items to find for a GN or GNX. Refer to letter(s) code in your request to