more timing vs more boost


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just added a spearco. I have a trans plus so I can adjust the timing. Right now I'm at about 17 to 18 #s boost. The chip is burned at 19/17. I would have to back off the timing or add xylene to keep it from knocking without the intercooler. Now I have no knock and have turned the base timing up one more degree. So the question is do I start turning the boost up or advance the timing. I'm sure some of both. If I add race gas, what is the highest that I'd want to advance the timing?
when i had a stock heads/cam/intake on my car more boost only went so far...once i started really trying to cram some air in the stock flow restrictions really showed up.

i had good results up to about 23# then started having diminishing returns from there on up.i think i would've been better off leaving the boost at 24 and cranking up the timing to 26/28º.

now,with ported heads/intake and cam it seems like the sky's the limit:cool:

this is all on race gas...on pump gas i wouldn't go much past 20º,and adjust the boost from there.
I would turn boost up first since you have the intercooler and a bigger turbo. 18 degrees is a good starting point for pump gas. From what I've seen these cars when intercooled are almost always faster with more boost/less timing. For race gas I ran 26 degrees of timing and never did get it to detonate even at 24psi.

Every car is different. I ran only 18 degrees on pump gas and the car ran good that way. On my dad's daily driver, it runs horrible at less than 24degrees but can run a good bit of boost even at the higher timing and pumg gas. I sometimes wonder if the reluctor wheel for the crank sensor is off a few degrees on some cars.

For what it's worth, my dad's car seemed to hurt headgaskets easier with the higher timing rather than higher boost when detonation occured.
hey guys now u guys r talkin about this timing thing like its ez to adjust maybe it is but i have no idea how to go about it? do i need some kind of tool or can i just get under the hood and adjust ? and how does giving it more timining or taking some off affect the performance on the car any info thanx
Thanks for the responses.
Turbobooster: I'm able to adjust the timing because I have a translator plus. It allows me to adjust the timing up or down also the richness of the fuel. With out this or some of the other add ons, you're not able to. The timing is burned into the chip. So unless you can burn chips, you have to buy them with a particular setting. The higher the octane you're going to burn, the more ad advanced the timing. You can pick up several chips off of the board and swap them out. I had kind of a mild one and then one for race fuel.