Moroso Tonight? (Friday Feb 10)

blackshoebox said:
So how did go?

I had family stuff to do. But I am dying to go. I haven't been down the track in over 2 years!

Maybe wednesday or friday next week? I am watching the weather...

Are you going to Bradenton on the 23rd?

First points race, quite a few racers, track was well prepped as is the standard at Moroso. There was a pretty good tail wind early with cool temps that changed to cooler, with a bad side draft, and rained out after 4th round.

PS.....Nachos and Beer at Chili's, and all is good again......

Tonight and tomorrow night it is supposed to be in the low 40's / high 30's!

Of course, the track is closed.

Wednesday test and tune - low 70's low 60's, and SHOWERS.

Friday test and tune - low 70's low 60's, and SHOWERS.

Saturday 18th, midnight madness test and tune - low 70's low 60's, and clear.
I am looking to go to Imokalee(sp) on the 26th...i think moroslow is a joke..and they would not even pass my car through tech..I feel your frustration with the weather though..seems the weather and a night the track is open never line up..
blackshoebox said:
Are you joking? Moroso's best "prep" is comparable to me preping my own street with VHT till the 330'.. ;) :rolleyes:

Well, of course they have their own standard.... :wink:

You know taking a hardtail rig down that track is better than any amusement park ride in Florida.