Moroso tonight?


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Anyone going to moroso tonight? I'm not taking the GN, but we are going to make the maiden voyage with my brothers 97 SS z28 with the NAAAAWWWWS!
Freaken Tranny.

Yup, the 9 month old tranny is acting up. It's slipping from 1st to second and it's flaring when I punch it from 35mph. :mad: What a great fraken job Ivan from tranny tech did. What a piece of ****! :mad: A 9 MONTH OLD TRANNY....GARBAGE! He'll be hearing me on monday. :mad:

No Guys, I wasn't able to go. Gabby backed out on me and I wasn't going to go with the tranny acting up. :mad:
I had plans to run xylene and 20 psi on street tires,but...:mad:

Brad, did you see a white Camaro (90 or so) with a big hood and Convo pro's Run? That was my buddy Carlos(Actually, I just met him threw Gabby) He has a Turbo 3.8 Buick motor in that thing! It is bad ass! He was running pump gas and 16psi. He ran a 12.9 @ 106 with a 2.2 60'. PUMP GAS!

The car has gone 11.70 @118 with C16 with STOCK TURBO! He should be faster now with a 44 turbo.

I'll try to get him to go out to our next meet.

How did your Brothers Camaro do?