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Sep 28, 2001
Is there anyone in the San Antonio area that can recommend a Motel close to the track?

It really doesn't really matter if its the host motel or not just close to the track.

I would like to make a rez asap!

Hmm. I haven't been charged with any duties by the LSPBC but I go to RCR about twice a week from Austin, and also lived in SA for about 30 yrs total. If you just want a place to crash with easy access to RCR I'd recommend the smaller town of Seguin, about 10 miles E of the track. I'll try and cruise around there next track trip (Wed 2-6?) and look into some spots.

Looking at the web site of Seguin I see three that look ok if Todd
can let me (or us) if they look ok for trailers and stuff one is the Best Western on I-10 and Hwy 46 and the other two are Super 8 with the same address and Alamo Country Inn with the same address, these look to be on the west side of Seguin.

Please Let us know Todd
Yeah I drove through all 5 parking lots last night; the 3 mentioned by NastyGN above and 2 at Hwy 123 and I-10. These 2 are the Comfort Inn and an older Holiday Inn. Of these, the Comfort, Alamo and Super 8 appear to be the newest and pretty nice. None of the above are huge really. All seem to have similar parking, which is not super well suited to trailers. I can look more next time. If it were me I might lean towards the Comfort or the Alamo. Super 8 was decent but small'ish parking area. Comfort had big rigs parked in the lot next to it. Alamo had some parking area under constructiion that might be better suited to trailers. If I had a digital camera I'd take some pics. I'll check better next time down. Maybe Wed afternoon.

Hey guys I've went ahead and made my Reservation at The Alamo Country Suites.

If anyone is interested the # is 1-877-792-5266.

$59.99 for 2 Queen
$89.99 For 1 King and a spa.

Let's go racing!:D
Well late last night I spent about half an hour typing up info for this but now see it didn't make it here. Hmm. Anyway, again I say the Comfort and the Alamo are probably the top 2 choices of the 5 IMO.

The Alamo is at Hwy 46 and I-10, at exit 607 I believe. This means the track is 10 miles further W at exit 597, Santa clara Rd.

The Comfort is at Hwy 123 and I-10, about 2-3 miles E of the Alamo. It's a bit bigger than the Alamo, 3 stories I believe.

For you DFW folks, as you come down from San Marcos on hwy 123 southbound, towards I-10 and Seguin you'll find that the hwy makes a fork into Hwy 123 (L) and Hwy 123 Business (R) in front of a Motorola plant on the RHS. This occurs about 1-2 miles from I-10. Either fork will take you straight to I-10, so no worries if you don't figure them out in time :) However The R fork is about 2-3 miles shorter to RCR than the L. But the Comfort is along the L fork. The Alamo is about 1-2 miles W of where the R fork comes out to I-10. Basically if you want to take the R fork bear right in front of the Motorola plant. This all occurs a few miles S of passing through the tiny burg of Geronimo.

Also, be careful taking the exit off I-35 for Hwy 123 S towards Seguin. It's exit 204A BTW. It makes a pretty tight bend onto the frontage road and would be a handful at high speed with a trailer. Don't take it fast.


TurboTR, do you know if its better to take hwy 123 from I35 to I10?

Yahoo maps suggested taking hwy 46 to I10?

You state that the exit for 123 is #204, yahoo maps has the hwy 46 exit at #189, is this a shorter route?

Thanks for all your help.
Forget Yahoo map routing in this case :) Shortest route from DFW is to take I-35 S to San Marcos, take exit 204 (it says 204 on the exit sign, 204A on the road sign) for Hwy 123 S to Seguin, take 123 down to I-10. Go W on I-10 to exit 597, Santa Clara Rd. See the attached map, where I labeled the 123 and 46 hwys on. Note that 123 is a straight shot down from San Marcos, while 46 is a backwards angled shot towards Seguin from New Braunfels. The star is where the track is of course. BTW its 55 miles from my apt in far S Austin. I make the trip about twice a week on average :) Also, sun night is the infamous Military Drive cruise/race night in San Antonio for those who just can't get enough... ;-)



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Which of these motels will be able to handle cars with trailers ? Would be a bad thing not to have parking space for a truck and trailer. ???

Greg McCall