Motor mount install help

Turbo-T Wannbe

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Oct 1, 2001
I'm attempting to put in a driver's side motor mount, but can't get the old one out. I have the long connecting bolt out and the bolt on the rear side of the mount in the block. I can't get the one out on the front side to save my life. Any tips on getting to this? I've removed the intercooler bracket and can now get to the head of the bolt, but have no room to put any pressure on it. It won't budge and there's no room for a breaker bar. Help!
I would try lifting the motor a bit to get a little extra room. Since the mounting bolt is out you should be able to get that side pretty high. You may have to loosen the other side a bit to go up with it.

Kev :)
Try through the wheel well?

I got to them really easily with a long extension and swivel throught the wheel well. Even with the tire still on!
HTH, CaptRob
remove the wheels, and support the car frame about 15" high so the spindles hang down.

that will give you a lot more access thru wheel wells. Even reaching under the frame at the same time becomes possible once the wheels are off.

Lifting engine (carefully!) a few inches also helps. I cut a short length of 2x10 lumber to put under the entire oil pan, to spread out the force from the lifting jack. Also drilled a 1" hole in lumber right where the drain plug is, so lumber was flat against the full oil pan. Was able to lift engine with negligible risk to oil pan.
Make sure you re torque your oil pan bolts because jack an engine up by the pan will add a ton of weight to the pan gasket and compress it more......which will end up creating an exxon Valdez in your driveway:D lol
good suggestion, Tim, about oil leak potential.

I did attempt retorquing pan bolts when I was done (forgot to mention it :eek:) , but apparently my pan gasket hadn't compressed and the bolts wouldn't take any additonal torque. Still, it should be checked.