MS3 ULTIMATE Plug and Play harness JUST ANNOUNCED by RPS


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Aug 14, 2004
RPS is giving a 10% discount to all current or retired Military servicemen/servicewomen. We appreciate the sacrifices you make to protect our country, and we want to help you in any way that we can. RPS will be offering a 10% discount on ANY product that active OR retired servicemen/servicewomen purchase.

RPS is going to be offering not only the new Plug and Play MS3 box from DIY AUTO :…/ms3pro-plug-and-play-gnx8487…/

But we will be the ONLY company to now offer Plug and Play harnesses for the MS3 ULTIMATE box as well!!…/ms3pro-ultimate-standalone-e…/

What is the difference, you might ask?
Well, for 1, the RPS harness is going to 100% COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR NEEDS!! That is right, each harness will be made individually to whatever requirements you may have.

Want the flexfuel sensor included in your harness? DONE
Want extra inputs already wired up for additional pressure transducers or temperature sensors? DONE

Why would you want to go with the Ultimate box? The MS3 Plug and Play box that RPS and another vendor is selling only has a finite amount of inputs/outputs on it. It only has the ability to monitor so many sensors/transducers/etc. The Ultimate box has the following when it comes to I/O's:

10 channel 4:1 or 8:2 programmable peak and hold injector outputs
8 logic level ignition outputs
6 digital inputs
5 digital input/ output
5 PWM outputs
2 digital outputs
12 analog inputs plus built-in MAP, Baro, and internal ECU temp sensor
3 high current digital/pwm outputs
3 digital frequency inputs
4 variable reluctor conditioned inputs

We are still going to sell the regular MS3 PnP ECU, but this will be an option for those that want more. Those that want EVERYTHING in their car monitored and logged.

Our PnP for the Ultimate will come with a base tune to get the car started, but you will need to have a tuner or assistance in setting up all of the additional settings on the ECU (transmission shift points, boost control, etc) programmed. This box is a bit more DIY when it comes to the programming and tuning than the regular MS3 Plug and Play kit that we will be selling.

As for price? We are still working on that, as we are currently making the harness as we speak. Each harness will be customizable to your own needs, so if you need additional inputs wired, that will increase the cost slightly.

We are looking at S1,850-$1,950 or less for this setup. That includes a MS3 Ultimate, Plug and Play wiring harness, and a base tune to get the car started.

This is completely aimed at people looking to have more versatility than the XFI, more tuning abilities than the XFI, and the ability to expand your ECU more than the XFI.

REMEMBER- The MS3 also allows you to use a regular tablet as your dash, so NO MORE $900 DASH COSTS!! Check out this video showing the MS3 Pro and a Samsung Tablet to be used as your dashboard:
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