MT DR 295/50/16 - Fitment Questions


Nov 20, 2012
I've got an 86 Grand National with Kirban Performance's GNX/TRANS AM STYLE 16 x 8 wheelswith BFG 225/55/16's up front and MT DR 255/50/16's in the back. Current suspension setup is at the bottom of the post.

I would like to put some MT DR 295/50/16's in the back. I know that 16x8's aren't the optimal wheel for this tire size but it is what it is until I can get my hands on some 16x10's.

I figure spacers are going to be a must and I'm more than willing to roll the lips if need be. I see Kirbans sells 3/16 and 5/16 spacers but I'm not sure if those would give enough spacing from the frame. I realize each setup is different and so is spacing, etc. so I'm just trying to get some ballpark measurements and/or ideas from guys running similar setups. Obviously the last thing I want is to buy them only for them not fit worth a shit :mad:

Any recommendations or experience regarding similar setups, fitment issues, spacer sizes, etc. would be greatly appreciated, as would any pictures. Thanks guys.

Suspension info:
-rebuilt G80 rear
-lowered about 3" front, 1.5" rear.
-Savitske Classic and Custom Stage 2 Street Comp with lightweight adjustable upper a-arms
-Eibach springs
-Koni adjustable shocks
-completely rebuilt f/e with polygraphite bushings and Global West adjuster sleeves and Del-a-lum lower a-arm bushings
-front frame braces (F-41 braces)
-rear seat braces
-1" Spohn rear sway bar.
I run this tire on 16x8 dimpled GTA rears, I needed a 1-1/2" hub centric adapter and with rolled lips there is no rubbing issues.

The only thing about your setup that I'm not sure about is the back spacing on kirbans rims, mine are 5 3/8"(not 3.5, thanks pacecarta)
kidgloks are rear gtas ... 5 3/8" back space , installed with a 1.5" bolt through hubcentric spacer
the outer lips needed to be rolled and had to work the spring height (eibachs and wolfe adjustable spring perches) and had to experiment with the back space to fit with the ride height (the look) he wanted
the spacer was actually an adapter from ebay (about 65 for the pair) , i knocked out the studs and used long arp lugs in the axles so he could swap to drag rims easily at the track if needed

gta fronts they have about 1" less back space and would have needed a 1/2 spacer

the kirban (enkei) i think they were 4" BS so you might only need a thin spacer to clear frame
Thanks for the replies. I believe the backspace for these wheels are 4.25".

Right now with the MT DR 255/50/16's I've got about 1" of space between the tire and the frame.
255 to 295 is 40mm about 1.58" just on the tread area

so youl loose about 7/8" of the clearance you have now ,
but the clearance you can see at the frame above axle isnt important has to be able to clear the lower portion of the frame by the #6 body bushing
and the 295 will add over 2" to the tire height from the 255 and it will get tight there before you get tight above the axle
you can gain some room at the low part of frame by raising car but if you want the car to sit lower you will need to come away from the frame a little more (increase spacer)

my guess is 3/8-1/2 spacer will get it done

and dont stack spacers , you can stack to find a fit but dont drive on more than one spacer
yes 5x4.75
and you may need longer studs
(m12 x 1.5 ) dorman sells them in a box of 10 under 20 bucks from summit

i would use some large hardware store washers (on three studs ) put the weight on car and see what you need
then order spacers once
ebay has them cheap.
-pep boys advance and autozone also carry some on shelf but the billet lug centric or hubcentric are nice for peace of mind , ive used the universal but i drill them to fit lug centric
heres 3/8 on ebay
studs and adapters came in yesterday.

tires will be here Tues.

I'll post some pics once I've get everything together.
Wheels came in today.
installed the longer studs and the 3/8" spacers
tires look good but they are rubbing the lower frame by the #6 body bushing

1/2" spacers don't look like their gonna give me enough clearance
so I ordered some 3/4" spacers, only problem is they aren't billet.

oh well. we'll see how it goes. hopefully the wheels don't fly off :eek:

again I'll get some pics up once everything is together
Here's some pics with the 3/8" spacers


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Nice !
I was looking at these tires too for my GTA rims, the old Goodyear GS's can't be trusted anymore.
The stance looks awesome!!! If I were you I would get a hold of that fender roller and roll the lips. If you catch a good enough bump you will cut through that tire like butter. I learned that the hard way..........
btw i thought you had the kirban early "gnx style" rims which are enkie

those are GTAs dimpled front repops from classic industries , patterned after the one piece '88+ GTA dimpled rim which had a little more backspace than the two piece non dimpled '87 version of the GTA rim (kidglok has non dimpled rims)

the BS on those is just over 4-3/8

you could also take a BFH to the frame rail and the sheet metal lip above it
The stance looks awesome!!!

does that mean your willing to trade? cause i want your car! ;)

If I were you I would get a hold of that fender roller and roll the lips.

hard to see in the pics but i got lucky...the previous owner already rolled the lips :D weeeeeeeee

If you catch a good enough bump you will cut through that tire like butter. I learned that the hard way..........

I believe it...I'm paranoid enough having to run spacers :eek:...can't image catching air if the lips weren't rolled!