my 3.8 n/a craps up oil like nothing


Regal on Icel

the car is all stock, 1984 3.8 n/a regal, engine has about 85k miles on it, supposidly rebuilt around the 70k mark. It's got a sleight tick to it, and obviously gets worse as the oil gets worse. The car doesn't burn much oil at all, it just blankens the crap out of it in about 2-3 weeks. I don't drive hard, i don't drive crazy, i don't floor it more then once or twice a tank, so i don't think that has anything to do with it. Anyone know whats up with my car and what the damage will be to fix it?
There's nothing wrong with black oil. It only takes a little soot to make it black, but it still doing it's job. You can never get all the oil out of an engine and the old black oil left behind will make the new oil black very quickly.

There seems to be more things outside the engine that tick than inside. I bet most lifter ticks are actually cracked exhaust manifolds.